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Have ship, will travel

Posted on March 1, 2017

Posted By Uly Silkey, Luxury Travel Advisor

Cruising on a ship is my preferred way of exploring the world. What can be better than a hotel that travels with you?

If you are like me and hate the concept of packing and unpacking, you will love the idea of only packing and unpacking once….which is all you need when your hotel travels with you.

As a bonus (and for most, the key with traveling via ship), you are taken places you would maybe normally not go. For example, you have certainly heard of the Caribbean but have your heard of Virgin Gorda? This is where I traveled recently and it was amazing.

I believe there is a type of ship for everyone. So what type of ship is the right type of ship for you?

Small ships have crew members who remember and really care for you. They offer intimate and elegant spaces while also being able to enjoy water sports directly from the ship.

Larger ships offer lots of entertainment and a variety of restaurants (each offering their own menu). They offer you some anonymity while also providing on ship amenities like spas and fitness areas.

There are other types of ships to consider too, but it can be overwhelming with all the types and options. My recommendation: Talk to me! I’ll ask you some questions that will help me confirm the best type of cruise for you. For me, cruising on a ship and getting a taste of different ports is the best, my closet and my hotel travels with me! And, for the ports I truly fall in love with, I have a growing bucket list that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

[All images and content provided by Uly Silkey.]

Have Ship Will Travel - Casto Vacations

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