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If a wild ride down a river in Costa Rica or a big hike up to the roof of Africa atop Mount Kilimanjaro are your version of an amazing vacation then the world is your oyster.


Your feet can surely take you where no car, bike, or bus can go and help you connect to the countryside in ways you’d never expect.

It’s the best way to access the amazing mountain views unique to Patagonia, to see the smiling faces of the young monks in Bhutan, and to enjoy the world at slower pace one view at a time.


There are places in the world where the intimate feeling of pedaling your way through the countryside is just better.

From the challenges and rewards of the hills of Tuscany to the endless cultural curiosities and views in Turkey a bike can show you the world in a new way.

And all with amazing accommodations and well earned food to go along with it!

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