Every safari is like a once in a lifetime experience. They come in so many shapes and sizes and the way you engage with the animals in their preferred setting makes the experiences truly exceptional. Let us make sure your journey has just the right blend of luxury, adventure and authenticity giving you the chance to enjoy the big 5 and more…

Here’s a few of the ways we recommend you experience the drama and charm of what Africa has to offer…

Extraordinary Beaches

Some of the best safari experiences end with a trip focusing on the bliss of relaxing on stunning beach landscapes.

After a full sensory safari a trip to the culture and lore of the spice island of Zanzibar or the serenity your days spent on the Seychelles is the perfect way to dream about your time on safari.

East Africa Safari

Seeing the Wildebeest migration putting on the ‘greatest show on earth’ is one of the gems of this region in Africa. Nothing quite captures the experience like seeing it from above or following the migration in style with a luxury camp to settle down into each day as you stretch across the Serengeti.

Blend this one of kind experience with the charms of colonial Kenya, the magnificent backdrop of Kilimanjaro, and even another trip to hike the fourth tallest mountain on planet earth.

Southern Africa Safari

Perfect for your first safari and the must see Big 5. A visit to this region is your best chance to quickly see your first lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros for your first taste of a true safari experience.

Add to the mix Cape Town’s charming views, colonial touches, vineyards and even a visit to the northernmost part of the region to fly over Victoria Falls and you’ll have experienced a first time safari few can dream of.

Gorilla Trekking

Being a guest in the house of the gorillas of Rwanda will leave you breathless.

You’ll have a view into their lives undisturbed and with luxury camps to spend time sharing your experiences later that evening.

We’ll help you plan the experience to a T, making sure all the permits needed are a breeze, and even keep you safe from mistakenly bringing plastic bags in the country (as they’ve been banned since 2008).

Walking Safaris

If you’re looking for deeper connection to your safari experience there’s no substitute for having your feet on the same ground as the Big 5.

Some of the best experiences today for this totally different way to get to know a safari are in Zambia’s luxury camps.

Their focus on the intimate details makes for a breathtaking connection to world around you.

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