Since the moment Maryles founded our company over 40 years ago, there’s always been a special place in our heart for journeys designed for women.

There are more than a few options that we can come up with for you to explore with your friends and we even have trips where we connect you to other Casto travelers.


When you’re feet are connect to a trail in the French Alps or your legs are pedaling you through the countryside in Tuscany you’re going to see the world in a different way.

One that is far away from the busses and where most tourists go.


Tailored clothes in Hong Kong and handmade shoes in Italy are all great experiences to have and even better ones to wear.

While it may never just be about the shopping sometimes the best way to round out a vacation is to add a little high fashion along the way.


A vacation of with a healthy focus on pampering and time taking care of yourself can come in many forms.

Whether you’re looking to do yoga in Bali or have the massage of your life at a desert ranch in Arizona there are some amazing ways to take care of yourself.


What better way to celebrate a culture and time with new & old friends than to get your hands on some local produce and be guided by an amazing chef.

You know the meals will be amazing and the stories will go great with the wine at dinner!

View our website dedicated to culinary travel or contact us directly to discuss your ideas.

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