Liz Spander Luxury Travel

Liz Spander and Florigna Bello

Liz Spander and Florigna Bello


  • Liz Spander: 415-273-3819 (email)
  • Florigna Bello: 415-273-3817 (email)


  • Over 40 years experience in the luxury travel industry
  • Special interest in culture, history, indigenous peoples and tribes

Liz Spander is an independent travel consultant and is affiliated with Casto Travel and Signature Travel Network. Liz runs Liz Spander Luxury Travel along with her assistant, Florigna Bello.

Liz is known for planning tailored luxury trips for clients all around the world, particularly Africa, Asia, India, and Europe, but she also has extensive knowledge of the Americas and the Pacific. Liz loves to travel and is excited to help her clients fulfill their dreams. Of special interest is planning family and generation trips – whether touring or cruising or just relaxing at a beach resort.


Outdoor hiking, biking. Indigenous peoples and culture, off the beaten tracks travel, generational getaways.

Known for

  • Traveled to five continents.
  • Extensive experience worldwide to broad range of destinations.
  • Enjoys planning trips for clients which satisfy their personal wishes & exposure to places where they can learn, experience, explore and enjoy new destinations.
  • Handles villa rentals, cruises, customized touring with special guides and services to relaxing beach holidays with family or friends.

“The world is a place to explore; my expertise allows clients to participate in what the world has to offer…coming back with new experiences which add to their personal dimensions.”
– Liz Spander